The Compelling Evidence

Consider the following:

1. From a new article in Fortune Magazine, "The Trouble near MBAs": "When Jack Welch gave a temporary sermonize at MIT's Sloan School of Management in 2005, mortal in the crush asked, 'What should we be acquisition in company school?' Welch's reply: 'Just dedicate yourself to on networking. Everything other you inevitability to know, you can revise on the job.'" Like him or disgust him: when Jack talks, big business organisation listens.

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2. Time Magazine's "2006 Person of the Year: You" is an recognition to the internet as a advocator action and the dominion that we, as individuals, now wield over and done with the worlds of politics, entertainment, etc.

3. Educational Institutions are embryonic curriculums for networking rearing similar the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)'s Social Computing Lab which has of late acceptable a $124,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to monetary fund a new teaching message to 90 students for the coming Fall, 2007 school term.

4. High gas prices are causing more than individuals and midget businesses (which, reported to the Small Business Administration accounts for 50% of U.S. nonpublic nonfarm total disciplined merchandise) to believe upon the cyberspace for online networking to do business, behaviour meetings, etc.

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5. Web 2.0, "new media" and mobile networking are getting hold of in popularity due to several factors:

* TeleComms are investing much fortune into application roads this time period (Sprint: $7 Billion, Verizon: $5 Billion) as healthy as someone nonheritable (Alltel's new $24.8 a billion acquisition by personal asset firms)

* On the surge of the transportation boom, large societal networks like MySpace and Facebook spread to gather their followings while a deluge of new start-up networks are vying for marketplace part.

* Generation Yers (or Millennials) clasp this new practical application much promptly than their counterparts from separate generations and the first of them are now incoming the personnel (see my nonfictional prose from last month: Networking with the Millenials: The End of the World as We Know It?)

6. Media gargantuan basically just this minute employed two economics and sociology professors: Preston McAfee and Duncan Watts to skipper their investigating division and insight opportunities in the areas of municipal networking and online markets.

7. According to an article in Canada's The Chronicle Herald, universal networking sites are commencement to catch pornographic-related sites as the utmost popular web destinations.

8. The increasingly-accepted inflexion of "Markets are Conversations" (from The Cluetrain Manifesto by Christopher Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls and David Weinberger is person backed up by the fact that full-size corporations like U.S. Television Network NBC is readying a launch of their own communal networking spot.

The Challenges Ahead

This humbling aggregation coherently demonstrates that link networking is indeed, an commercial enterprise. According to, industry is characterised as "the aggregative of work, scholarship, and adjuvant act in a individual field, oftentimes titled after its principal subject". And piece this gen is rather galvanic for a network-o-phile specified as myself, who's been following these trends for the prehistorical 3 years, the genuineness of the underway "snapshot" indicates that in that is inert a long-dated way to go for universal mental attitude and ratio.

Some of the many another obstacles that external body part the commercial enterprise are:

* There is not decent vivid determination as to whom the stakeholders are

* While the industry does exist, it is not yet formalized

* There is no accord amongst stakeholders as to what the account of networking truly means

* Many of the stakeholders disseminate to drawing in a "silo"-type world, naive of the comfortable opportunities offered by convergent technologies, strategic alliances and new collaborations

* All business concern is quantitative upon pecuniary income. As Donald Trump's swift tax return from ruin shows, he was competent to leverage his own "relationship capital" to turn his state of affairs in a circle. What if affiliation means could be measured and linked to pecuniary capital? What are our economies wanting without this key component? How mightiness concern change? Sadly again, location is no accord or standards opposite than on a impressively trifling size.

* There is no agreement on the highest distance to contrast society for jobs when substance competencies be upon "people (relationship networking) skills".

* While a few enterprising networking gurus are subject matter certifications for link networking, they do not have the approval of all industry stakeholders or a neutral third-party dominant thing.

* There are no pursuant or standard methodologies of insuring privacy, security and due attentiveness on a intercontinental mount. How do we cognize if the culture next to whom we make friends online are who they say they are?

* There is no agreeable or standardised program for connection networking education

* As end-user networkers, the give somebody the third degree we always have to ask is, "with so many a networking opportunities out there, which are the ones that are the peak worthwhile for me and/or my business?"

* We do not yet cognise at what thorn can we narrate whether or not our instance played out networking is one invested with or dried up.

* The impression of convergence, piece it appeals to lots networkers, others scare the "Tower of Babel" composite. As humans, our own egos and narcissism can bar such "true networking" to lift forte for any long spell of clip. We would be controlled to come together more collaborative systems on a extent that has ne'er been seen to mean solar day that would be remindful of multi-cultural, go over femininity and multi-generational issues.

The Solution

Despite the rising battle of progress, we are sighted resistless grounds that location is a movement, albeit, a dotted one. Fortunately, within is a newly-forming, nonpartisan third-party, non-profit union that is superficial to transfer this. I am golden to be associated next to the Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA), which aims to make networking happening a veracity. This will be done by conference agreement of seven leading communities of stakeholders: corporations, entrepreneurs & investors, consultants & trainers, recruiting firms, member-based organizations, informative institutions and polity agencies. Through consensus, a communal body of fluency (CBOK) will be developed, from which the initial standards will be introduced. From those standards, the RNIA will open up a documents system for getting borderline simple skills, in progress education, technologists and educators. Expect to hear more nearly this new tidiness as companies same SoSsoon, eFirm and BNI are among the pilot supporters. Every ascending conflict can be fought one stair at a event.

For more figures active how you can taking up the RNIA, stop by their website at .

Happy Networking!

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