The Dublin Spire was erected concerning December 2002 and January 2003 on Dublin's primary thoroughfare, O'Connell Street. Nothing of document had been erected on this sore since the eradication of Nelson's Pillar in 1966. The Spire was planned by Ian Ritchie Architects and is a stretched cone form which tapers from a 3m length at the ft to 15cm at the peak. The Spire is constructed from 8 depression tubes of untainted metal which were assembled on land site on O'Connell Street mistreatment a detailed stephen crane and block group.

It had been primitively hopped that the Spire would be realized by 2000 and erected to mark the millennium, but preparation and biology regulations resulted in a stoppage of 3 eld. The Spire is not short its critics, but in indiscriminate it has been tremendously recovered standard in Dublin and is seen as a favourable replacement for Nelson's Pillar. Since its construction, the Spire has been nominative for quaternate bailiwick awards, with the Stirling Architectural Prize in 2004.

Nelson's Pillar, which preceded the Spire was a arguable pluton pillar next to a sculpture of Lord Nelson erected at the level. The Pillar was improved in 1808 to honor Admiral Lord Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar. Ireland was e'er a unbelievably strong-minded nation, and did not appreciate having a construction to a British Soldier push upon them by their British occupiers. The Pillar was by far the tallest structure in Dublin at the time, and until its end in 1966, became a undemanding rendezvous plonk for the society of Dublin. The Pillar had an intrinsic stairs to a viewing dais that gave uncomparable views complete Dublin City and Bay.

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Despite respective attempts to have the post removed, together with one by the consequently An Taoiseach Sean Lemass in 1960 who needed to renew the monument of Admiral Lord Nelson near one of Saint Patrick, the principle motionless remained. On March 8 1966 the pillar was blown up by a body of people of ex IRA men to mark the 50th day of remembrance of the 1916 Easter Rising. This had not been the initial have a go by the IRA to have the rule removed. In April 1954 the IRA named on Dublin firm to hope statute law to relocate the pillar, but the metropolis fathers established to pilfer no goings-on.

Today the Spire is one of Dublin's most visited visitor attractions. One of the record lovable aspects of the Spire is the certainty that it reflects light so fantastically no concern what incident of day. There are glittering views of the Spire from Henry Street as it seems to plague a space in the standpoint of Dublin.

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